Pharmacy Notices

At Meijer Specialty Pharmacy, our pharmacists speak your language.

We know firsthand how demanding it can be to manage chronic illnesses. That’s why we deliver holistic health solutions – looking at well-being as a whole, instead of just managing a disease. By doing this, it’s our goal for everyone to live as healthy as possible.

The Meijer Story

Meijer is family-owned retailer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Meijer was founded over 80 years ago guided by a customer-centric philosophy that led to pioneering the “one-stop shopping” concept & 24 hour service. Meijer is a leader in the Midwest, operating 246 supercenters and grocery stores throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin - each of which includes a pharmacy. Meijer is known for their fresh produce and meats, pharmacy, and good service. Other departments such as home, pets, apparel, garden centers, and electronics provide a wide assortment and value for the Meijer customer.

Dedicated Service

The Meijer pharmacy is dedicated to putting families first; free select medications are available to all customers at Meijer. Since 2006, the Meijer pharmacy has dispensed more than 50 million free prescriptions, saving customers an estimated $650 million. Please see your friendly Meijer pharmacist for more details.

Convenient Patient Support

We see ourselves as an extension of your doctor’s office, going above and beyond to advocate for the best care. We’ve built a team of pharmacists and nurses with robust clinical expertise, and have dietitians on staff to provide advice on meal plans and healthy lifestyle tips for your unique needs. With over fifty years of pharmacy experience, we know all the ins-and-outs of the medications you take. We use that knowledge to advocate for you, helping you get treatment more quickly and often at lower cost. For you, it means convenient patient support you can trust is just a Meijer away.

Meijer is here for you.

At Meijer Specialty Pharmacy, our pharmacists are at the center of a complete team of specialists dedicated to your well-being. So whether you need help with side effects, managing costs, injection training, understanding how and when to take your medications; we'll do whatever it takes to help you, your family, and every family, live as well as possible.

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