Pharmacy Notices

Pasta Bake with Spinach, Artichokes and Tomatoes

  • 10 Mins

    Prep Time

  • 25 Mins

    Cook Time

  • 6


  • 398 Calories
  • 21g Fat
  • 40g Carbs
  • 20g Protein
  • Instructions & Tools



  • 6 Servings
  • 398 Calories
  • 21g Fat
  • 40g Carbs
  • 20g Protein
  • 35 Mins Total Time
  • 8 oz. Short Whole Grain Pasta (penne, rotini, farfalle, cavatappi)
  • 1 ¼ Cups Skim Milk
  • ½ Tsp Dried Oregano
  • 2 Large Eggs
  • ½ Tsp Dried Basil
  • 3 Cloves Garlic, minced
  • ¼ Tsp Crushed Red Pepper Flake
  • Salt and Pepper, to taste
  • 1 ½ Cups Monterey Jack Cheese, shredded
  • 1 (14 oz.) Can Quartered Artichoke Hearts, drained
  • 1 (10 oz.) Package Frozen Chopped Spinach, thawed and well drained
  • ⅓ Cup Sun-Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil, chopped
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Nourishment Note


  • 6 Servings
  • 398 Calories
  • 21g Fat
  • 40g Carbs
  • 20g Protein
  • 35 Mins Total Time
  • 1

    Preheat Oven & Spray Pan Preheat oven to 350°F. Spray a 13x9-inch baking pan with non-stick cooking spray.

  • 2

    Cook Pasta In a large saucepan, cook pasta according to package directions; drain and set aside.

  • 3

    Mix All Ingredients In a large bowl, whisk together the milk, eggs, garlic, oregano, basil and red pepper flakes. Stir in cheese, artichokes, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and cooked pasta. Season with salt and pepper.

  • 4

    Bake Dish & Serve Add pasta mixture to the prepared baking dish. Place in oven and bake until cooked through and golden brown, 20-23 minutes. Serve hot and enjoy.

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Allergen Swap

  • GGluten

    Use a gluten-free pasta.

  • DDairy

    Substitute milk for an unsweetened non-dairy milk alternative (coconut, almond, etc.). Use a dairy-free cheese alternative.

  • EEggs

    Use a commercial egg replacement.

RA Cooking Tips

  • Mesh Strainer

    Use a small mesh strainer to lift pasta out of hot water into a bowl rather than trying to pour the whole pan into a colander.

  • Electric Can Opener

    Use an electric can opener to open cans.

  • Food Processor

    Use a mini-food processor to chop sun-dried tomatoes.

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