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Meijer Specialty Pharmacy’s Registered Dietitians

Our expert team of registered dietitians are passionate about helping you understand how the foods you eat can affect your overall health. We provide tools, recipes, and resources to help empower you throughout your unique journey. Have a question? Contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Beth Eggleston, MS, RDN

Nutrition Education Specialist

Jodie Vander Meer, MS, RDN

Nutrition Education Specialist

condition-specific resources

From reducing inflammation and managing condition side effects to understanding your medications and achieving a healthy weight, our team of dietitians has created condition-specific tools, tips and resources designed to help you achieve a healthier life.

nutrient-rich recipes

Delicious, nutrient-rich recipes for a balanced diet! Explore delicious recipes based on your specific condition. Each recipe has been tested by our dietitian team and features helpful nourishment notes, allergen substitutions, and easy-to-follow instructions.

empower your well-being

Explore how movement, sleep, and stress management can improve your overall health and well-being. Download the “Empower Your Well-Being Checklist” and begin working towards a healthier you. Discover hundreds of unique, downloadable tools on a variety of condition-specific topics.

Our recipes are dietitian-tested and made with your condition in mind.

Nourishment Notes

Look for our signature fork+heart symbol to denote key ingredients that we’ve selected to help you feel your best.

Allergen Swaps

Each recipe provides replacement ideas for major allergens or ingredients that may be problematic for some people.

Condition Tips

We’ve developed helpful resources designed to empower you to navigate the kitchen with confidence.


Fighting inflammation: how nutrition plays an important role

Causes, Symptoms and Solutions

Inflammation is the result of your immune system’s response to an injury, illness or stress. It can affect many processes within your body. Chronic inflammation can cause damage to the body and may increase the risk for certain health conditions such as obesity, cancer, stroke and heart disease.

Recipes to help manage your most common side effects

Side Effect Management Cookbooks

Certain conditions, as well as medications, can come with an array of side effects. Developed by our Registered Dietitians, the Meals for Managing – Side Effect Management Cookbooks have been designed to help provide patients with some relief from these symptoms. Download one today and take control of your health!

Recipes for success!

Try one of our featured recipes

Wondering what to cook? At Meijer we make it easy to put delicious meals on the table every day. Our recipes are created with nutrient-rich ingredients to help manage the symptoms related to your condition–try something new today!

Spicy Shrimp Tacos with Cilantro Lime Crema

View Recipe

Spinach And Pear Salad

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At Meijer Specialty Pharmacy, our pharmacists are at the center of a complete team of specialists dedicated to your well-being. So whether you need help with side effects, managing costs, injection training, understanding how and when to take your medications; we’ll do whatever we can to help you, your family, and every family, live as well as possible.

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