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Roasted Mexican Cauliflower

  • 10 Mins

    Prep Time

  • 20 Mins

    Cook Time

  • 8


  • 70


  • 5g


  • 4g


  • 2g




  • 1 Large Head Cauliflower, cut into bite-sized pieces
  • 2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • ½ Tsp Ground Cumin
  • ¼ Tsp Chili Powder, use less if suffer from frequent heartburn
  • ¼ Cup Raw Pepitas
  • 1 Tsp Chopped Cilantro
  • 2 Tsp Lime Zest
  • Salt, to taste (Monitor salt intake per doctor’s recommendations)


  • 1.

    Wash Hands Wash hands with soap and water.

  • 2.

    Preheat Oven & Line Baking Sheet Preheat oven to 425°F. Line baking sheet with parchment paper.

  • 3.

    Mix Ingredients in Bowl In a large mixing bowl, combine chopped cauliflower, olive oil, ground cumin, and chili powder. Mix to evenly coat the cauliflower with spices.

  • 4.

    Bake Cauliflower Spread on the parchment paper and bake for 10 minutes. Remove from oven, stir the cauliflower, and sprinkle the pepitas over the middle section of the pan. Return to oven and continue baking for 10 minutes or until cauliflower is golden brown.

  • 5.

    Let Cool, Season, & Enjoy Once cauliflower is golden brown remove from oven and sprinkle with cilantro, lime zest, salt, and pepper.

  • 6.

    Wash Hands Wash hands with soap and water.

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Nourishment Notes


Cauliflower is a low carbohydrate, low calorie vegetable that’s very high in fiber. Fiber is important for maintaining gut health and reducing the risk of certain forms of cancer. Cauliflower is also bountiful in a variety of nutrients key to overall health.


Pepitas are a certain type of pumpkin seed. Pepitas contain high amounts of zinc, iron, magnesium, and antioxidants, all important to improving energy levels, mood, and maintaining heart health.

Fatigue Buster

  • Reduce Prep Time

    Use pre-cut cauliflower to reduce prep time.

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